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Whether you are a Startup, Freelancer, Telecommuter or Work At Home that just needs to get out of the house once in a while, Originate has everything you need to run your business.

Complete Workspace

What could be better than a desk of your very own? How about a desk and a lamp? We even throw in a chair and an extra display. Yeah, we know your impressed!

Professional Conference Rooms

Large or small, Originate has a space for everything... Learn More

Great Events

Monday Morning Coffee, IdeaWakeUp, 1 Million Cups, Monthly Grilling, Lunch & Learns, Cocktail Hours, Holidays... You're invited!

Help When You Need It

You get more than just a desk (or piece of a desk). You get a community to thrive in. Just raise your hand and help is on the way. Someone might even drive your funding application to Jefferson City for you...

The Kitchen Sink

Color printing, Killer fast wifi, Lockers, Pens, Pencils, Paperclips, Folders, LCD Displays, Paper Shredder, Coffee, Beer, and a Kitchen Sink

It’s Time To Stand Up

Challenge someone to a friendly game of Ping Pong or Fooseball. Take a quick ride around downtown on one of our bikes. There many ways to keep your blood flowing and your mind active.


Need a professional place to meet with an important client or a small relaxed space to brainstorm an idea? We got it.

Casual Meeting Space

If you just need to sit and chat, there are couches and comfortable chairs throughout the building.

Small Group Meetings

If you need to take some time to work out an idea, you'll find several small quiet rooms with soft lighting to get your creative on.

Fully Equipped

These rooms are designed to impress. Large conference rooms seat up to 14 quests. Large display, Polycom, 10' White Board, and Video Conferencing.

Spacious Lecture Halls

Seating up to 150. Complete sound and video. You can even use this space to practice that important investor pitch.

Originate is a great environment for growing a business. There is great collaboration, and everyone is willing to share what they are learning. Working in a space with creative, energetic people challenges me to keep pushing myself to work harder.

Eric Chambers, Torrent Consulting



Anytime from 8-5, M-F


  • Complete access to all membership benefits during normal business hours


24/7, 365


  • Complete access to everything, all the time.
  • Free Parking with 24 hr security
  • Your desk, Your way. Set up your permanent desk however you like.


Thanks for looking. We’d love to hear from you.

Are you ready to try it, or just have a few questions? Feel free to contact us at anytime to schedule some time to take a tour of our facilities, or just sit down and find out what makes Originate such a great place to work.

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